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Because Google's transcriptions are funny enough to host their own Late Night Talk Show.
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Oct 16

I’ll take her tits. XXXX XXXXX, here I and missed a call from this number was no message and didn’t know who it was so I have actually responded to you by email and I will talk to you Monday. Thanks Bye, bye.

Oct 15

Google tried to answer. I was calling about the going on, talk to him. Shannon and Shannon. There’s a little visa. She is the 8,400 people were so anyway. I guess I will try calling you Monday. See you. Santa. Thanks.

Hey Erin, This is Amy. It’s about 4 o’clock on Monday. I just wanted calling. Thank you, and and let the bus and your sense of coming yesterday. If you have your family time for us and You blessed this and and I’m so grateful that you came And I also wanted to tell you I’m late. I’d text you, Mark. His phone number and, I apologize for not telling you about that before I tell you as soon as you know about the compassion and at 20 wife and What of all they have over there and do Because hill country and There are not directly tied together, but There, in the same. I just talk to you. Noon, anyway. His name is Mark. It’s a compassion salmon, and I have about loads of everything. Anything you need at certain times you know appliances. The cabinets to dishes. The. Dad. Cheers and I’ve got all kinds of that’s shares right now anyway. I’m gonna text you his name in the phone number. Thank you and like you guys. I love you bye bye.

Mar 19

Hi Dad, This is quite me. I’m just calling to let you know we tripped again And I spoke to Carl. I think he sees. We have to do what we have to do the photos. It looks like we’re going to be down til tomorrow to take a look at the alright. Call me back. Thanks. Bye.

Feb 27

Google Voice is always good at just giving up and transcribing every word as hey or hello.

The thank you, hey. Hello. Professor the and. Hello. Hey shipped to you. Hello. Hello. This is, hey. Hello. Hello hello, hey hello. No. Hello.

Feb 19

Per the sender, these both came from her mom.

What I’m up in in the ass and I’m sorry. Graham. I need to body sold and white. I don’t know if I told you that already. Okay bye.

Is this okay in the ass again. All. If there’s any money getting some soda get 3 bottles. And the problem of water. Thank you.

Feb 18

Hi. This is Fedex hi ken says, okay i can move it to you because this phone number from the mother of. Okay, so the bike over for the from the actual I said they would put it to Moto. Bye bye.

Hey my hands. Catherine again. Hey sorry I didn’t realize that. You were the Bryan, but I know from rising tide an actual hat. I didn’t recognize your voice on the message so i was like by. So that’s syphilis. But I love that message, not knowing where you work alright if you have any questions gimme a call. Otherwise, don’t text me cos it’s, and I’ll see you later tonight alright. Take it easy. Bye.

Feb 17

I’m here, yeah, that’s where you stand else. I’m Scott yeah, can you know, loans, and y’all me back.

She’s Dan, it’s vivian, How are you my little machine.

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